Tailored for your companies needs and number of attendees. 


Eligned- brain changing movement corporate workshops are unlike any health presentation available in the wellness area.

This unique class is a mixture of mobility and brain changing movement. 

 “Ellice” the guest speaker is a renowned brain changing movement specialist, ex athlete and ex paramedic bringing insight from her many years and knowledge of how the human body works.

Ellice will teach you brain hacks too...

  •  Maximise productivity 
  • Improve focus and mental clarity.
  • increase employee engagement
  • Improve overall energy and brain health
  • Provide effective and simple movement strategies for busy time poor individuals.
  •  Tools for stress management 
  •  Improve disturbed brain signaling for a healthy brain to body connection  

So that individuals can move and preform better day to day.


- Great for large corporate wellness events. 

- Great for team building 

-Employee Wellness and health solutions.

-Perfect lecture to break up long seated events due to the interactive nature of the presentation. (can also be done seated)

(Time flexible ) 60min - 90min class


This will be an interactive yet highly informative lecture, where attendees will be learning through doing.

Switching on the left and right brain hemispheres and up-regulating certain parts of the brain for instant results. 

Participants will be taken through some gentle brain enhancing movement that targets the major joints, blood flow and lymphatic system in the body and will be shown some engaging and tricky brain exercises that always evokes a laugh with co workers. 

Participants will leave with a better understanding of brain changing movement, better range of motion, more focus, stress management and how to look after their overall health and wellbeing in the simplest but most effective, brain enhancing way. Plus tangible tools, hacks and exercises they can incorporate instantly into their work and lives.