Ellice has worked with many health clubs and gyms up-skilling, educating, and holding workshops for trainers, members and athletes on the importance of functional neurology and BCM 'Brain changing movement' concepts.

the Eligned workshops are a mixture of mobility and brain changing movement. 

 “Ellice” the guest speaker is a renowned brain changing movement specialist, ex athlete and ex paramedic bringing insight from her many years and knowledge of how the human body works.

Ellice will teach you how too.

  •  Maximise performance using the brains hierarchy - vision, balance and proprioception
  • Improve clients overall energy and brain health
  •  Improve disturbed brain signaling for a healthy brain to body connection  
  • How to Inhibit pain and reduce injury 
  •  Improve range of movement 
  • Increase strength, balance, and coordination 
  • Postural realignment
  • Brain hacks for faster results 

So that individuals can move and preform better day to day.