When you book in for a postural movement assessment.
Ellice will be assessing your movement and mobility concerns from a functional neurology aspect.

This means she will study how you move, what pain, or mobility issues you may have based on what your brain is signalling your body.

From there Ellice has the lens to educate you and create a specified movement plan that she will guide you through during your one on one consultation.

Functional neurology - Looks at the brain first and foremost.
How your brain signals your body and movement.
For example your cerebellum deals with accuracy, balance and coordination - So a cerebellum that is not firing well can cause, balance disturbances, fatigue through muscles and movements and cause tightness and flexion in some of the extensor muscles like the spine.

Ellice will also look at your eyes your vestibular, your left and right brain function, your brainstem and your lymphatic system as these all contribute to pain, threat in the body and movement issues.

Put it this way if every time you pressed the enter key on your computer it turned your computer off .......What would you do to fix that problem ?
Would you just take off the enter button and stick a new one on ?

Or would you take it to someone who understands the wiring of the computer may be faulty a hard drive issue ? Just like your brain is the hard drive for your entire functioning of the body.

Ellice will help you to understand how your brain works and prefers to work in order for optimal movement when you see her.

Sessions can be via Zoom or in-person depending on your location.

A consultation takes 60min and costs $325, Aus

Because Ellice works closely with the brain one session is usually all you will need for the first 4-6weeks.

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- Pain and immobility issues 

- Long term chronic issues and illness 

- Post concussions or brain injuries

- Helping to implement lifestyle changes  

- Lymphatic issues